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ShellNewHandler project page

So what is this ShellNewHandler thing?
GUI Tool to enable/disable ShellNew entrys, aka the New File context menu entrys from Windows Explorer in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
How does it work?
Simple check or uncheck an item to enable a desktop right-click context menu item.
No need to install. Standalone exe written in C# for .NET 2.0. Designed for Windows Vista and higher OS.
Why developing such a thing?
Because i just found me at a point in time where i just want to clean up my context menu and remove the unwanted entrys from New File Menu and look on internet and all i found was shareware, tipps how to do this with TweakUI for XP in legacy mode and hints to search in registry and modify registry entrys by hand.

After that i decided to develop a app primary for myself, then i remember the cool and useful sourceforge site and all the advantages and helpers i found in years and friends told me maybe its a good idea to share this app with the world.

So maybe this is just Yet Another App that the world don't need and don't look for, but hey, why not? Feel free to post your comments about this useless or useful thing and take the source and use or modify or just drop it in recycle bin in any way you like.
How does it look like?
The unchecked items in screenshot don't appear anymore in the New File context menu.

To undo this manually search for _ShellNew entrys in your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive and rename it to ShellNew without the leading underscore. Self-evident you can do this too simply by using the tool.

And if you dont trust the tool, download the source, examine the code, and build it to an executable, can be done with the free C# ExpressEdition 2008 or higher.

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